Preposition: Ante

OBJECTIVE: Really get down on the prepositions and their usage.
TASK: Associate being in front or before something with the word ante.
¡¡¡ ... al ataque !!!
What's a "preposition?"
A preposition seems to be one of those little sounds that you make to designate a specific direction, location, area, etc. that doesn't have any other way of being described.
Prepositions are the hardest part of a language to get down, so work them to death by just repeating the phrases over and over again. They'll ingrain by themselves.

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Basic questions using Ante:

¿Ante qué?
¿Ante quién?
¿Ante quiénes?
In front of what?
Before whom?
Before whom?

The preposition Ante is an easy preposition to learn in Spanish. It generally refers to something right in front of something else: like right before your eyes!
The preposition ante corresponds to the English: before, in front of - when referring to WHERE and not WHEN.
right in front of ...
ante ...
In some instances, ante states in the presence of, as in "before a live audience."

in front of (something or someone)
before (something or someone)
... ante los ojos ... ... before one's eyes ...
... ante ustedes ... ... before y'all ...
... ante todo ... ... above all, before all else ...
... ante la clase ... ... in front of the class ...
... ante el tribunal ... ... before the court ...
... ante el pelotón de fusilamiento ... ... before a firing squad ...
This preposition is interchangeable with the compound prepositions "delante de," "frente a," & "enfrente de."

ANTE is not used for "before an event."
Do not confuse with "antes de."