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Thank you!
When I first started working on this site, I was teaching a bunch of students in German & Spanish classes a lot of information that needed to be accessible to them on their own level. As the teacher, it was difficult to always have what I needed available --- just to reach that certain one, or to reach a crowd of 'em at once.
I then took it upon myself (challenged ME, as it were) to come up with what I needed [... or rather what THEY needed!].
(Excuses, excuses.)
Well, as one thing lead to another: get a computer, learn all about the computer, pick up programs for textual work (word processor), get a graphics program, set up a printer, find some audio programs for voice recording, learn to use the MIDI instruments, learn to hook up MIDI to a computer, learn to link one page to another, learn to write HTML, learn to use the internet, get antivirus so you don't lose another computer, learn hardware installation, upgrading systems, losing programs and files to viruses and dealing with that loss, learn to encode audio files for optimum internet viewing, ... uh ...
What was the beginning of that sentence?
And of course changing servers a few times, along with more computers in hard-drive failures and burnt up components and expecting too much from too little, and the uncertain dial-up connection over DSL over cable-modem ...
¡Lo conquistaré todo!
With so much positive feedback from a world-wide general public along with my former students, I know this site will eventually become a valuable resource for teachers and students alike - if only to encourage them (...YOU...) to learn just a little bit more about "something else."
One of the greatest rewards for my efforts in this website has been the attention drawn by others in the granting of their awards.

The Best for Education
March 14, 2001
I am writing from Schoolsnet (, the UK's leading education website for parents, pupils and teachers, informing you that your site is one of those chosen by our team of teachers to be part of our web guide. Schoolsnet, which serves more than 200,000 visitors every month, offers a wide range of learning and teaching resources for all people interested in secondary education.
August 11, 2000
Wir bieten dem User nur die besten Informationen aus dem www - recherchiert, selektiert und strukturiert. Außerdem versorgt jedes Portal den User zusätzlich durch unsere meOme-News mit aktuellen Informationen und bietet wöchentlich eigenen Content in Form von Artikeln des Experten. Auf diese Weise hat Ihre Seite Eingang gefunden in ein Netzwerk höchsten Qualitätsstandards.
Rated bySchoolzone's panel of expert teachers
July 7, 2000
SchoolZone UK
Congratulations! Your site, Language Learning Playground (at has been awarded a Five Star rating by Schoolzone's panel of over 400 expert teachers. This is in recognition of the fact that it is an outstanding educational site: useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate.
... and I quote:
"Your web site has been selected as one of the Net's finest informative sites and is included in StudyWebTM 's listing of educational links."
The creation of these pages has been a wonderful experience for me.
I hope my former students use them to dredge up memories and to continue learning MORE!
The following are some awards received by this site.
Many thanks for your Internet awards in recognition of these efforts.
Richard C. Aguilar
author of this site

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