Introduction to Spanish Prepositions

OBJECTIVE: Learn one of the most difficult areas of language study: the prepositions.
TASK: Study each one carefully for a little while, and only in part. Then use it, use it, use it !!!
Hey! Three-year-olds get these down in Spanish. After you've worked at it for 3 years, you'll have it!
About Prepositions ...
It is said that "When you've mastered the prepositions in a language, --- you've mastered the language!"
I don't remember where I heard that, but there's definitely some truth to it!
Prepositions are so frequently used idiomatically, and are frequently misleading in their usage: i.e., they sometimes don't make sense where they're at.
But then, ... this is a whole new language!
The following lists provide only the basic meanings for the prepositions. You can pick up a lot more about idiomatic usage either in a book of idioms or in a dictionary.


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Prepositions are a challenging learning experience, but taken slowly and used frequently they are quickly mastered. Just take one at a time, and work it to death - you'll see how quickly you have them down!

Many of the prepositions are presented throughout this website in conjunction with other information, which makes picking up the variations and nuances a little easier. Don't panic! You can do it !!!

Click on the brown button to hear the preposition.
a to, toward
ante before, in front of
bajo under, underneath, beneath, below
con with
contra against
de of, from
desde since, ever since
durante during
en in, on, at
entre between, among
excepto except for
hacia toward
hasta until, up to, as far as
mediante by means of
para for, in order to
por for, by
salvo save for
según according to
sin without
so under (legal term)
sobre over, above, about, concerning
tras behind, in back of

a causa de because of, due to
acerca de concerning
además de moreover
adversamente a adverse to
a excepción de with exception of
a fuerza de by dint of
alrededor de around
al través de across from
a menos de without (with infinitive)
antes de before
a pesar de in spite of
cerca de close to
concerniente a with regards to
conforme a in accordance to
congruamente a congruent to
contrario a contrary to
correspondiente a corresponding to
debajo de under, beneath
delante de in front of
dentro de in, inside of
después de after
detrás de behind, in back of
en cuanto a in as much as
en frente de in front of
en vez de instead of
en virtud de by virtue of
frente a before, in front of
fuera de outside of
junto a next to, beside
lejos de far from
por causa de by cause of, because
por parte de on account of
por razón de by reason of
relativamente a relative to
respeto a with respect to
sin embargo de however
tocante a about, concerning